Lachlan Graham

Lachlan Graham – Solicitor


Lachlan practices within our wills and estates and criminal law team, working primarily in relation to wills, estates and probates, civil litigation and family law.

Lachlan is admitted to the Supreme Court of South Australia and the High Court of Australia, and has practised at Precision Legal since his admission.

Prior to admission Lachlan gained experience as a law clerk at Precision Legal, during the course of which he was able to apply his academic knowledge in a practical legal environment. Lachlan also takes advantage of his prior experience in retail and hospitality to help build and maintain positive relationships with clients, which he considers is a necessary and valuable part of practising in the legal profession.

Areas of Practice

Estate Planning

Lachlan has significant experience in preparing a wide range of estate planning solutions to help protect his clients’ assets, ensure that testamentary wishes are legally enforceable, and to make certain that due consideration is given to his clients’ interests in other entities, such as trusts and companies.

Lachlan takes a multifaceted approach to estate planning, utilising his knowledge and experience in a broad range of practice areas to develop and deliver tailored estate planning solutions for individuals, companies, and trusts, which specifically consider his clients’ estate planning needs. Lachlan regularly meets with and advises clients in relation to their personal and commercial succession planning, and is experienced in drafting estate planning documentation such as simple wills for small estates and complex testamentary trust wills for large estates with intricate company and trust structures.

Probates and Estate Disputes

Lachlan practices in the area of probates and estate disputes under the Inheritance (Family Provision) Act 1972 (SA). Lachlan approaches probate matters with a high level of attention to detail, which in addition to his experience in the jurisdiction, means that potential issues are identified and dealt with prior to the lodgement of any Court documentation. This cautious and considered approach allows Lachlan’s clients to reduce the time and expense incurred in the probate process, while achieving the desired outcome.

Lachlan is proficient in identifying matters that require consideration by clients who are acting as executor or administrator of a deceased estate, such as dealing with real estate, superannuation (including life insurance), the deceased’s interests in companies and trusts, and any taxation issues as may need to be addressed.

Select examples of Lachlan’s experience in estate disputes include advising clients in relation to:

  1. how they can minimise the risk of a potential claim being issued against a deceased estate;
  2. their rights and obligations as concern a deceased estate; and
  3. how they might respond to a challenge which has been brought against an estate.

Lachlan provides comprehensive and relevant legal advice to his clients whilst understanding the emotional strain caused by the loss of a loved one, and the stress that his clients suffer in commencing or resisting an application brought in relation to a deceased family member’s estate.

Civil Law

Lachlan’s experience in the civil jurisdiction includes managing all aspects of Magistrates, District and Supreme Court civil claims. Lachlan ensures that his clients’ best interests are paramount in all things prior to, and during, the litigation process.

In particular, Lachlan ensures that he takes all steps to encourage the parties to reach a mutually acceptable resolution (out of Court where applicable), and where negotiations are unsuccessful, provides clients with honest and realistic advice as to the time, expense and prospects of success in commencing or defending Court proceedings.

Lachlan’s civil law experience includes complex personal injury claims, preparing and filing claims for property damage suffered by clients, and appearing in the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts of South Australia on behalf of clients.

Employment Law

Lachlan has experience representing both employees and employers in complex employment disputes in both the Fair Work Commission tribunal, and the South Australian Employment Tribunal.

Lachlan has experience advising clients in relation to unfair dismissal claims, general protections claims, employment contracts and obligations under various employment awards. In particular, Lachlan has:

  1. assisted small businesses in relation to corporate restructures, and associated redundancies;
  2. represented employees in unfair dismissal claims against large national companies; and
  3. provided advice to employees and employers in relation to the terms of employment contracts, including amending his client’s employment agreements to ensure their fairness and enforceability.

Family Law

Lachlan has experience helping our clients through their family law matters in property settlements, children’s matters, and divorces, where he brings a practical perspective to help achieve favourable outcomes for our clients, no matter their specific circumstances. Lachlan has experience negotiating consent orders for parties, in order to avoid the time and expenses incurred where proceedings are commenced, settling matters at Court-facilitated conciliation conferences in a manner beneficial to his clients, and assisting clients in all aspects of the divorce process.


  • International Baccalaureate Diploma
  • Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice (With Distinction) 


  • Adelta Legal Family Law Prize 2019
  • Camatta Lempens Prize in Insolvency Law 2019


  • Law Society of South Australia